Ella Bathory-Peeler

“Transcendent” about gender expression and our current societal expectations about individual external presentation. It is a comment on our general disregard and judgment of conflicting aspects of self and our assumption that we are who we present ourselves to be and nothing of more depth. The work is made up of a series of 6 self portraits that sequentially tell a story about curiosity, discovery, and unhindered expression. The simplistic yet eclectic living room set remains the same for all of the portraits, but the series introduces the viewer to the many different sides of the featured character. I designed the eccentric costumes for each of the different sides of the character to highlight the contradictory understandings of self that this character on camera balances that reflect the conflicting aspects of self that I feel stuck in the middle of everyday. I created "Transcendent" in hopes to get you thinking about the subconscious expectations you have for how women present themselves as well as how fashion and clothing impacts your assumptions about someone's gender identity.