Jaycob Garvin


Everywhere you look there's an opportunity for a photo. Whether it's under a bridge, behind a wall, in the darkest of places, and in the lightest of day, it's always looking right back at you. My name is Jaycob Garvin. I have a crazy love and passion for the things and perspectives that most people don't or never get to see. My goal is to inspire people to seek out things that are new to them and out of the ordinary. To encourage people to want to view everything they know and love through a new lens. To make them question what it is they want out of life, and persuade them to seek out what it is that they desire. Because, what's life without something that you truly Love? A boring life of you ask me. I had a bit of a rough childhood growing up. My Mom and Dad broke up when I was about 4 years old. They separated because my Biological father was in and out of jail. It was just my Mom, my older brother, and Me for several years after that. I had a very hard few years trying to understand why they did, and questioned if it was my fault up until a couple years ago. Soon after I figured out why they separated, my now Stepfather came into my life. He married my Mom, and brought my little brother into the picture, no pun intended. Photography is the only way I know how to express my inner most deepest feelings. This is my story. I'm telling it.