Hyning Gan

Skipping - Hyning Gan.jpg

I went on a trip to Nepal with my school last year. We trekked the mountains and interacted with the village school, teaching the children games and English. Over the course of three days, not only did I teach these school children, but unexpectedly, I also learnt a lot. This photograph depicts two young girls playing with a skipping rope outside their classroom. Their bright smiles perfectly complemented their vibrant uniforms. After noticing that I took a photo, they even invited us to play with them. They taught us their local games and we taught them some new ones too. This exchange of cultures was such a harmonious moment, where we were able to appreciate each other’s company. The joy that the children had was infectious, even though we did not speak the same tongue, it did not matter because the power of human emotion and expression allowed us to connect on a deeper level. It was such a blessing to be able to capture this pure moment, and it brings me more faith in humanity coming together.