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Andy Nguyen

A while back, I’ve seen a photo of a billboard posted on the internet from a domestic violence center Willow with the slogan “She only hit me once” with “only” and “once” crossed out. It has really inspired me to use this topic as it acknowledges that female abusers and male survivors exist. I also wanted to show how violence is violence, and an abuser will always stay an abuser no matter what gender they are. We still live in a heteronormative world where men are more pressured into the societal norms to act tough, “be a man”, and god forbid they express any weaknesses like feeling emotions, which is a casual human thing. Toxic masculinity plays a big role in this topic, and many male survivors are afraid to speak up in fear that they might get ridiculed. It’s so much more rare to see men expressing their feelings than women yet the suicide rate is higher among men. Sexual and any kind of assault is still a big problem today and the world is definitely a more dangerous place for women and girls. But just because most abuse victims are female, doesn’t mean that male victims of abuse don’t exist as well. I feel that people always find a reason to excuse the abuser and even blame the victim for their own assault. It really invalidates the victims and victim-blaming is not okay no matter what gender they are.