Andy Nguyen

This project includes 6 images with each focusing on one colour of the rainbow from red to purple, representing the LGBT+ or Pride flag. Each image shows a different person representing a political concept in today’s society. The red photograph speaks about how victims of sexual assault get blamed for because of what they wear. Victim blaming is very common in rape culture and can be very dangerous for many women, not to mention invalidates the victims’ experiences and trauma. People need to know that rape happens because of the rapist, and should not make any victim of sexual assault feel guilty and accountable for a situation they are not in control of. The orange photograph is on how the American and sometimes Canadian governments, as well those who are “born here” are so quick to judge and illegalize immigrants and refugees. The white people in power are the ones who have always had that power based on white supremacy in North America for centuries. But yet they don’t acknowledge the fact that their people are the ones who wrongfully stole the land from natives, but now have the audacity to treat humans this way who just want to seek a better life in the “American dream”. This yellow photograph is about how many closeted LGBT+ people still struggle with their identity and their sexuality, afraid of what others might think or the dangers they might face if they were to identify themselves openly as something that doesn’t fit into the heteronormative norm that is straight or cisgender. But even if they’re not open about their gender or sexuality, they don’t have to be “out” to be valid and identified as part of the LGBT+ community is what many people in or out or questioning of the community don’t realize. The green photograph is for people to know that pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion. It just means respecting people to do whatever they want with their own bodies, and to resist the higher authorities being consisted by mostly men who are getting away with making these anti-abortion laws on women. The blue photograph speaks close to home for me. I’ve had a call with a family member saying that they think my younger brother would be the best living with my dad (my parents are separated) because he would be able to teach him to be more “manly” and not be so emotional because my brother does cry a lot and I try to remind him that it’s okay. I don’t want him to grow up in a world where he feels the need to suppress his emotions because of these masculine ideals that shame men for feeling and for crying. The purple photograph is for the people who excuse their homophobia and transphobia by saying that it’s just an opinion. But dismissing the real people living and struggling as minorities because you don’t “agree with that kind of lifestyle” is just bigotry.