Althea Tierney

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Right now connection to the world and infinite information is just a “hey siri” away. News of divided politics, gun violence, not-so-natural disasters, and health crises pop up interrupting the insta browse with endless screen notifications. As we swipe to clear the glowing banners, we can forget that those stats and numbers are actually people. But those headlines keep coming. Filling one person’s life with knowledge of the sickness, inequity, racism, or death suffered by thousands. This vast and constant absorption of tragedy tends to cause individual events to morph together and eventually dull to grey as more movements and transgressions are added to this dismal collage. In order for life to go on, without rapidly aging under the stress of holding all the pain of the world in our bodies, we either learn to unsubscribe or to push the noise of life and loss to the background, choosing which battles to fight and which headlines to tap on. However, even the most absurd calamities in the forefront, driven by unruly bears, are shadowed by the grief, hope, pain, loss, and chaos that every person holds now in their world.