Richard Dominguez

2 years, and 2 months since you have left me.

I’m proud to tell you it changed me.

But the pain that was brought upon me...

broke me. 


The burden that was placed upon me as a 

16 year old boy was too much to bear. 

At times I almost felt like I couldn’t do it 

or the show couldn’t go on.

Every single damn time I try to forget 

what happened to you, 

every single damn time someone says I look just like you, 

every single damn time I look at a picture of you...

It brings me back to that day I was standing over you. 


You were my rock.

You held me when at times mom couldn’t understand what I was feeling as a growing adolescent.

You were my escape.

Those every two weeks of seeing you were a blast. 

There were times I wanted to stay at your house for more than two days, sorry mom. 

You taught me how to become a man.

Taking me to boxing classes, teaching me your maneuver, teaching me no matter how hard your opponent knocks you down, always get back up on those pair of feet of yours. 


It wasn’t until the day Tio Lení called me and said 

“Your pops is gone playboy.”

That’s when I realized you weren’t only talking about an actual person.

You were also talking about Life.

Well dad, Life had me knocked the fuck out. 


Even in death I listen to you,

even in death I am afraid to disappoint you,

even in death I hold a love for you that is bigger

than a New York City skyscraper. 

Even in death you give me strength.


The strength that I feel now 

is a strength that took time and effort. 

The strength that ate those tears as if they were a salty bag of chips.

The strength that’s helps me look on the positive

when it feels like the whole world is turned against me.

The strength that helps me believe 

that I, Richard Andres Dominguez Jr,

am a manifestation of you,

Richard Rafael Dominguez Sr. 

I am you.

So therefore,

I can never lose you.

All it took was 2 years and 2 months

to see that there is always a light 

at the end of the tunnel.