Anvitha Reddy

She stands in silence

almost bliss, maybe serenity

Her soul at equilibrium, it seems

You admire her composure

But like a solitary cactus amidst a sandstorm

I’m alone

Seemingly strong, yearning to be at peace

Swirling, thrusting, mighty winds encapsulate me

Yet, I’m supposed to grin

The howling, demanding expectations hold me back

Depriving my craving of adequacy

She’s smiling

must’ve got praised

Must’ve been told how loved she was

You assume she’s untroubled

Her emotions prying to be released

From the strain of being an

Obedient girl

I’m afraid

That I’ll never make anyone proud

Yet, she’s poised

While the winds

Erode her tranquility away


Because expectations make us stronger, right?