Olisa Tasie-Amadi

*Content Warning: This poem contains strong language and may not be suitable for children and sensitive adults.

Nigger. Negro. Nigga

We waited for the Blue Killer and

he brought Black Homicide.

Black Dead body on the sidewalk

Red Blood, Black blood, 16 bullets 

Another dead negro waited

Given no chance to talk

Death more inexorable than ever,

October 14, Laquan McDonald.

News says, "He didn't have a gun;

he didn't have brake lights,"

But as he waited alone, he was another

"possibly dangerous" in blue sights. 

One death wasn’t enough for this to end,

We wait and wait and wait but

To the police, it’s just another trend.


As we wait and the 133 goes out,  we slam the brake.

The police pull-up and now we feel the hate.

He waited with the Hairbrush in  his hand but

they said they saw a gun

And as we wait, the white said that’s life and 

that nigger met his fate. 

One shot to the leg and Ten to the chest, 

And that sounds like it makes sense?

And as I waited to hear the report, you know 

what they said

It wasn’t murder, it was self-defense.

And I've waited so long growing up in the hate 

from you, you people that oppress us till date

and as I wait,

Waiting for the blue killer to put the gun to my 

head and pull the trigger 

And as he waited he reminded me that I had no 

voice and that my voice was dead. 

but as I’m waiting don't call me that name

that name your people used to keep us under

As I wait, please don't call me a nigger.

When I wait with my brothers and I call them 

niggas, “We all know that’s how we greet each 


I’m waiting to see the Red light, the Blue Light

As I wait, I saw and I’m so scared now


We’ve waited for so long for the change, and it’s 

still hasn’t come and you think that it's strange 

that we’re still waiting, crying 

all up on in our cage?

And I wait till I’m boxed up, locked up in a cell

10 x 10 cause I know when I come of age 

That’s all the blues wait to hand me 

But I try to show the other side, I try to change. 

But no I’m just another black negro filled with


Waited 400 years and still waiting till the 

freedom come 

But like Martin, I fear I'm in a dream

I'm gonna have to wake up from.

No more waiting cause we've waited.

I’m waiting to see the Red light, the Blue Light

As I wait, I saw and I’m so scared now

I got my hands up and my head down, 

As I wait, the blue throw their badge up,

Suddenly it's a war now. Everybody get down

I'm anxiously waiting for the gun to go off

and for the blood to drop from my chest and 

from my face, waiting for the tear to leak from 

my brown eyes to the cold ground. 

Once a king all up on a throne

But now a king with no crown,

A king too scared to walk in his own town

without the fear of being put down 

By the blue killer.

And I’m so far down waiting with a profound 

feeling of fear, and I'm waiting on my knees and

my soul’s having a miserable meltdown 

And I wait as my lungs collapse, and as my gown 

is covered with the blood from my heart, and is 

red now and as I wait...stop 

oh...I'm dead now.


I’m waiting for the pain to end 

And I wait for the grey skies to shut close and 

the sun, I wait for the sun to shine bright over 

the horizon.

I wait for the unification of the masses on God’s 

beautiful earth. As I wait, I dream of the black 

men and women waiting for their kids to come 

home, the feeling of being alone as they 

anxiously wait, knowing as long as their skin’s 

black, death silently waits for them and he lusts 

for the blood of their own.


Ye said, "the Paper read 

"murder, black-on-black murder"

But wait...Reality is its blue-on-black murder

Months Later, still waiting, talking ‘bout how that kid died

Same Blue Badge waiting for a different Black Nigga 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blue was done waiting, and now that's another Black Homicide