Breanne Lauder-Williams

What’s wrong with you

I occasionally ask my self this question

I look in the mirror and wonder all the whys

I let the tears create crevices that will stay there forever

The screams echo but I’m the only one hearing them

Living in my personal hell

But I’m the happy one

The one always smiling right

They say the eyes are the window to your soul

Then why don’t mine look.....broken

That’s what I am right

Though my forever question is why

Why is the question I may never know the answer to

Maybe I was made that way

Maybe I just became that way after....everything

You may see a young girl

But I just see broken

Shattered mirrors....broken

A busted down door....broken

A chipped cup....broken

A dead body......broken

And then there’s me


My face..broken

My body.....broken

My heart...broken

And my soul ....broken

Don’t try to tell me I’m not cause I know I am

And there is no way for me to be fixed