Teens Talk wants to encourage all teens to share their voice and opinion through art and writing. We want to create a community that respects the diversity of thought and expression. We ask that everyone is respectful of another student’s work. If you feel threatened or unsafe due to the content published on the website, we ask that you contact us at


Teens Talks is made by teens for teens, and we want everyone to feel represented through the content we publish. Though we promote free speech, we will not tolerate threats, degredations, or verbally abusive content that jeopardizes the safety of individuals or groups of people.


Teens Talk is a platform made to display the creativity of today’s youth, so we want artists to have the freedom to use the human body in a constructive way. However, artwork that depicts nudity will not be published on Teens Talk. Teens Talk also reserves the right to not publish violently graphic material that depicts explicit images as it may be troubling for some of our viewers.


We ask that users are a minimum of 13 years of age, and some content may be restricted to viewers who are 15 years or older. Everyone over the age of 13 is allowed to browse the website to their discretion. To submit work you must be between the ages of 13-19. If you have any other questions about the age guidelines, contact


 You must be old enough to consent to processing your personal data and information.


If publishing your personal information restricts you from submitting work please note that you can choose to submit anonymously. This means you can submit content and omit your name


All work submitted to Teens Talk must accurately represent all contributors to the creation of the work. If work is plagiarized, it will not be published on Teens Talk. In the case that work is found out to be copied or stolen and has already been published to the website, it will be immediately taken down.