Lipika Jadwani

You feel paralysed but it's paradise

You tried to write a song nearly once or twice Looking for your pulse but its's numb all over

You searched everywhere for a four leaf clover

Electricity in your veins and currents in your arteries

Trying to make art but it causes major injuries

Fingerprints stained on my reflection

The elements of my identity crumbles into my complexion

Looking in and out tryna find a melody

Pennies in wishing wells seem like my arch enemy

Enemies, they wanna get a hold on me

Clutching my fists, snap into reality

Wait a minute, I think we need a break

Hands and feet keep trembling, it's like an earthquake

Assemble your thoughts, they're giving me a heartache

My mind feels broken, it keeps me awake

Around me I feel shattered walls

A timid figure inside weakly crawls

Tell her to meet me midway

Before her heart and soul slowly decay

Tuck her insecurities under her sleeve

Give her some golden thoughts that will no longer deceive

The paths she stumbles on day-to-day

The demons in her head that she has to disobey

All these fears and dreams are carefully handmade

Embroidery from the mind stitched into a band-aid

Bruises that burn deeper than the surface of her skin

Some other wounds tucked deep within

Place these solid feelings in the centre of a wooden table

Or spill some ink over the thoughts in your head that people call a fable

At the end of the day

She is a dot in the city

And so are they

Except sometimes

She's the one gliding towards the right way

Maybe they should test their fate

They're a pawn in this game

And now she says "Checkmate."