Carel Kabamba

"Black Culture", is a documentary directed and produced by myself, in late 2019 in Toronto. It is filmed to understand how individuals can feel in touch with it in different ways. Based on the responses from those involved in this project, black culture is unity within our community expressed in several ways. The common answers included our interest in food, dressing, hair, art, music, dances, and the way we speak, etc. I am interested in black culture since it is apart of me and connects me to other black people, they inspire my work. I enjoy creating projects that enlighten my community and motivates others. I have always been creative and I am able to express my abilities in different mediums. I am currently doing videography and photography for fun while learning to develop my abilities in other mediums like drawing, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, oil paint, digital art, animation, and graphics. I believe representation is so important in our community and there are so many young black people who need to see content like this to understand how amazing and rich our culture is.

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